Dwie kombinowane maczugi…

Dwie kombinowane maczugi (kropidła ze święconą wodą inna nazwa), Anglia 1501-1530

„Constructed with a wooden haft thickened at the top where it is set with three short gun-barrels intended to be ignited by hand. The top portion, or 'head’, is encased in steel plates. The plates are crudely cut with rectangular holes to expose the touch-hole, and thin strips run the length of the barrel either side of the touch-hole. The left strip on one is lost, revealing a line of three holes. A band of steel at the top end secures the barrels. These are further secured by three langets that run up the head between the barrels, secured by 7, 8 and 9 nails respectively, and each furnished with 3 spikes of square section. A short pike head projects between the barrels at the top and serves to secure three plates which may be pivited to cover the muzzles. It has a deep medial rib runnig the entire length of the leaf-shapedflank

A crude iron conical shoe is secured to the wooden haft by 2 flat rivets. It is now open and damaged around the joint and upper edges. The wood in this area has a gouge running up it for about 17 cm”


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