Pompeo jak na razie nie może…

Pompeo jak na razie nie może uważać europejskiej wyprawy za udaną. Czesi odrzucili amerykańską umowę 5G, zaś od austriackiego ministra spraw zagranicznych w trakcie konferencji prasowej, Pompeo usłyszał, że:

It is no secret that obviously any friendship doesn’t mean that you are – you agree 100 percent on every topic, and there are issues where we do not agree and we have different approaches. One, for instance, is the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. We deeply regret, obviously, the extraterritorial sanctions imposed by the United States and would rather endeavor on or pursue the way of bilateral talks to find a solution, a common solution on this ground, on this matter. But I believe that it is a sign of our friendship that we can actually very openly talk about these issues and address them together.
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